Israeli Scientists Have Just Announced They Have Discovered a Complete Cancer Cure

The world over, scientists are fighting a relentless struggle with cancer. Millions of people fall prey to this deadly condition that may have one term but creates so many fatal possibilities that destroy various organs and tissues of our body. While significant progress through diagnosis and awareness is making headway in diagnosing the disease in earlier stages, it is an effective cure that still remains elusive. However, there is hope yet and it comes from a group of Israeli scientists who claim that they may have just found a way to bring about a cure for cancer by next year.

1Israeli scientists claim to have found a cure for cancer

A team of scientists from an Israeli Biotech company called Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd has just made an incredible announcement to the medical fraternity. They say that within just one year, they will create a cure for cancer and it will be a complete one. It sounds great news but it also is hard to believe so how credible are their claims.

2A multi-targeted toxin with peptide technology

Ilan Morad, the CEO of AEBI says that the cancer cure and treatment is being called MuTaTo (multi-target toxin). It is similar to an antibiotic for cancer and is based on peptide disruption technology on the highest level. It is an extremely aggressive concept in treating the disease.


3So what are peptides?

Long segments of amino acids arranged in a chain make up the protein collagen responsible for tissues and skin health. When collagen is broken down, it again forms short amino acid segments that break up into tiny protein and peptides or active molecules. These are the peptides that give you anti-aging benefits in skin care.

4How they propose it will work

The new cancer treatment called MuTaTo combines a variety of different cancer-fighting peptides targeting individual cancer cells simultaneously. This is again combined with a very strong peptide toxin that has the ability to kill cancer cells specifically and this is what the researchers feel will definitely work against cancer.


5Works from day one

The researchers state that their cancer cure will work effectively from the very first day of treatment. It will need to be taken for a duration of at least a few weeks and the best part is that they claim it won’t have any side effects like chemotherapy. If this can actually happen, it will be a godsend.

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