slicing up eyeballs // 80s alternative music, college rock, indie – Vintage Video: ‘The Cure in Orange’ — watch out-of-print 1987 concert film in full

Vintage Video: ‘The Cure in Orange’— watch out-of-print 1987 concert film in full

The Cure in Orange

Time for what’s becoming a regular Vintage Video repeat: While we’ve posted this before — in 2010 and 2013, in fact — The Cure’s Robert Smith has yet to follow through with his announcement of a DVD release of “The Cure in Orange,” so, as it remains sadly out of print, we once again present the full 1987 concert film, thanks to the miracle of YouTube Vimeo.

Following its theatrical run, the Tim Pope-directed “Cure in Orange” was released only on VHS and laser disc. Smith announced in October 2009 that, at long last, the film was to be released on DVD in 2010.

Check out the full “Cure in Orange” film and setlist below:

Tracklist: ‘The Cure in Orange’

1. Intro: The Glove, “Relax”
2. “Shake Dog Shake”
3. “Piggy in the Mirror”
4. “Play for Today”
5. “A Strange Day”
6. “Primary”
7. “Kyoto Song”
8. “Charlotte Sometimes”
9. “Inbetween Days”
10. “The Walk”
11. “A Night Like This”
12. “Push”
13. “One Hundred Years”
14. “A Forest”
15. “Sinking”
16. “Close to Me”
17. “Let’s Go to Bed”
18. “Six Different Ways”
19. “Three Imaginary Boys”
20. “Boys Don’t Cry”
21. “Faith”
22. “Give Me It”
23. “10:15 Saturday Night”
24. “Killing an Arab”
25. Outro: The Chiffons, “Sweet Talking Guy”

  • Oh man, I saw this in Houston opening night. It was amazing. I have an Asian VCD of this somewhere…

    Great show.. great memeories…

    • Best show EVER! Astroworld! They rode the Greezed Lighnin’ as we were about to ride. I’ve seen 1000’s of concerts and this one will always hold a special place in my heart. What a show!

  • Saul Golden

    That was the same year they played their Benefit for Arab Children’s concert at (the old) NY Webster Hall – after a ridiculous controversy started by people who never read Camus or got the point of that song! 🙂 I was 16 and sweating out front row, it was such a small venue (1000 people) that we wandered up and shook hands with Robert and Simon (or was it Lol?) after. Wonder if there is anyone out there with records of the concert!

    • Saul Golden

      I stand corrected on my last post, having sought out my original ticket, it was “A Benefit for Orphans” at The Ritz (still the old Webster Hall) on 11th St. Tues, Aug 11, 1987!

  • Mike C.

    At least do an iTunes release.

  • Delta-Mode

    I still think Show is better, their sound was just so much more powerful in ’92.

  • Brandi Irving

  • They should put this on Blu-ray at this point!

  • joe jackson

    I would love to see this come out on BluRay.

  • James

    I still have this, Playout, Picture Show and Staring At The Sea on VHS, but I have no VCR. These days I’d be afraid to play them for fear of something happening to them.

  • Ryan

    Video is down. Please repost!

  • Delta-Mode

    I still have them all on VHS too and remarkably i still have a functioning vhs player!

  • kathy

    Excellent concert….wrong continent when it toured, but I have the VHS, thank goodness I have a very nicely working player….have all their old VHS tapes. Maybe we should have a petition to re-release it.

  • Delta-Mode

    I can’t understand why In Orange and Show are not on DVD yet…Smith goes on and on about releasing this, that and the other and nothing comes.

  • Jason Adkins

    I agree with Kathy… I have all the old VHS tapes as well. Why not release them? Easy cash grab from old fans… Picture Show… Play Out… Show… Staring at the Sea… and of course Orange. I feel lucky a friend converted Orange to digital for me with pretty good results.

  • Dante 3000

    I wish The Cure had a real management team behind them instead of Robert handling it himself with a handler. A real management team who understood The Cure and their rabid fan base would easily have the next few years busy just compiling video footage to release as well as re releasing their music video collection and live concert video cassettes. Just like Depeche Mode, The Cure lack an official release for their most in demand concert tour, it is fucking insane that either camp have managed to not release a Prayer Tour pro shot concert and a World Violation Tour pro shot concert. What in the hell are they waiting for?!?! Both tours have footage from Dodger Stadium that exists. If not a dvd release, they could at least release it to vimeo or you tube for free just to please long time supporters.

  • neg1

    i converted my laserdisc to digital. so its pretty good quality. don’t care if it comes out on dvd now.

  • Heather

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