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Have you had sex with this man? Wollongong police issue health warning after arrest

Intimacy: Wollongong police are urging anyone who may have had sex with David Minton to get blood tests for HIV. Picture: Facebook

Police are issuing a public warning for anyone in the Illawarra who may have had unprotected sex with Miranda mechanic David Minton to immediately get tested for the HIV virus.

Minton was arrested a week ago by Wollongong detectives and charged with having a sexually transmissible disease and not preventing its spread.

He allegedly had unprotected sex with an Illawarra woman he met on a Facebook group for single people wanting to meet-up, without disclosing to her he was HIV-positive.

He entered a plea of not guilty to the charge when he appeared in Sutherland Local Court the day after his arrest.

He applied for bail but it was refused by Magistrate Jayeann Carney, who ordered police to begin serving their brief of evidence on Minton’s legal representatives.

The Mercury understands the alleged victim had sex with Minton in early October, two weeks after he allegedly became aware he was HIV -positive.

It is alleged she only discovered the truth about Minton’s diagnosis after a mutual friend of theirs informed her he was HIV-positive after learning of their sexual encounter.

Minton had allegedly told the mutual friend two days earlier, police claim.

The alleged victim is still undergoing testing to see if she has contracted the disease. If she tests positive, police are expected to lay more serious charges against Minton.

Meanwhile, police on Wednesday issued a general warning urging anyone who has had sexual contact with Minton in the last 5-10 years to get themselves tested, saying the virus has the potential to lay dormant in the body post-infection for several years without obvious signs or symptoms.

Minton’s case will return to Wollongong Local Court in December.

For more information on HIV, visit the NSW Health website at www.health.nsw.gov.au/endinghiv or visit your local GP or hospital.

To report a matter to police, contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 or Wollongong police on 4226 7899.

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