Whether you’re active or passive smoker, you probably inhale nicotine every day. There are a lot of ways to cleanse your lungs, but the most natural, and cheapest one, of course, is with all-natural ingredients. 

By consuming the following ingredients that we’re proposing, you will reduce the risk of lung cancer, which is most present in the population that is actively smoking. Also, you can decrease the risk of other lung infections.

So, here are the ingredients that will help you have better health and cleanse your organism:


Eating ginger is very healthy and beneficial. If you can’t eat raw or prepared ginger, you could also make yourself a ginger tea, which is as healthy as the raw ginger.


Nettle, having a high amount of iron, is a great ingredient when it comes to cleansing the lungs from various infections.

Pine needle tea

Pine needle tea is commonly used as a rinse for the throat and for the oral cavity. However, it can also be used in the treatment for lung cancer.

Onion and garlic

Both onion and garlic are composed of substances that have anti-cancer properties. However, garlic can not only prevent various diseases such as lung infection and lung cancer, but it can also prevent the spreading of cancer in people who suffer from it.


Corn, besides from being very delicious, it contains beta-cryptoxanthin, which is also a powerful antioxidant that’s helping in the protection from lung cancer.


Selenium, which is a very powerful antioxidant can help you cleansing your body from the toxins that smoking produces. You can find this antioxidant in: tuna, eggs, lamb, salmon, cereals, cod etc.