A lot of the women, during their workout, make some common mistakes. If you achieve to get rid of them, you’ll get the best result from your workout.

It’s clear that you can’t become fit overnight but the most important thing is to be careful when doing the exercises, and give everything you got, so that you can get the most out of your workout.

Here are the 9 common mistakes that women make while exercising:

  1. Steady-paced cardio over and over again

The number one mistake that women make is just running, running and running on the treadmill at one moderate pace, without changing anything. But, to get the most of your workout, you should change it up a little, for example, add an interval training with bursts of high-intensity moves. So, whatever it is your exercising, make sure to go hard for a minute or two, and them slow down (recovery) for the same duration that you were going hard. If you do this, over time, you’ll have to shorten your recovery time.

  1. Pass on the dumbbells

Most women think that if they train with dumbbells, that they will bulk up, but that is absolutely not true. Women don’t bulk up as easily as men. If you add just a little bit of lean muscle, you’ll burn calories all the time, not only when exercising.

  1. Sacrificing you form

The mistake of a bad form during you workout is potentially dangerous, you can very easily get injured and it can obstruct your progress. You can watch yourself in a mirror while exercising to be sure that your form is perfect, especially when doing lunges, push-ups and squats.

4. Not eating

One of the most common mistake women make is not eating or drinking before a workout. You should always have a healthy snack before a workout, such as: fresh fruit, a low-calorie energy bar, some nuts and most importantly, be sure to always bring a bottle of water when exercising.

  1. Crunch, crunch, crunch!

By doing the crunches, you don’t involve all of your abdominal muscles, especially not your side abs and the midsection muscles, thus, there is no point of doing them over and over again, hoping that you’ll have a lean belly just like that. Instead, you should try and change it up a little. For example, you could do the basic plank and target you abs from all angles. Just hold the position of a plank for 30-60 seconds and repeat three times.

  1. The same workout all the time

By doing the same workout all the time, your body will get comfortable, your muscles will know what to expect, and you’ll lose weight to a point when you’ll just put more working time but you’ll see less changes. So, in order to burn more fat, it’s crucial to mix up your workouts in a way that you’ll work different muscles every time.

  1. Leaving out the stretching

Stretching is really important and you should never skip it. You should stretch before and after every workout, no matter what it is. This will help you prevent injuries and get more out of your workout.