Is mineral water bad for your bones as many people think?

A famous opinion is that if you drink mineral water, you will damage your bones’ structure, because supposedly, the water will waste the calcium out of your bones. But, fortunately, we are here to tell you that this is only a misconception.

The mineral water is not bad for you bones, or for anything else, so if you have a habit of drinking it, you should continue doing so, and hereafter are some of the reasons.

It is a lot more healthier to drink mineral water than sweetened sodas. Unlike sodas, the water doesn’t harm your teeth or your organism.

Mineral water is harmless for your bones, while it has been proven that sodas decrease the density of the bones.

But you should always keep in mind that your body needs calcium in order to keep your bones strong and the best source for that is milk. Also, people who drink milk drink water even more, and that is also very healthy for your body.

Furthermore, it is also known that  if you drink mineral water you’ll have less problems with gaining weight.

In conclusion, mineral water is good for you, and you should drink it, but don’t forget that your body also needs other constituents, such as calcium, and you should find a way to consume them too.