Everybody is familiar with the unwanted and uncontrolled hiccups. But do you know what’s causing them and how can you treat them?

The unwanted and uncontrolled contraction of the diaphragm, which may repeat several times per minute is called a hiccup. This is followed by quick closing of the vocal cords and usually it produces a very distinctive and uncontrolled sound. Most people have hiccups for several minutes, but there are also some that have it for a longer period of time, and it’s very unpleasant and irritable.


Surely, every one of you have experienced hiccups for once in their lives, but do you know the most common causes for hiccups? Here are some of them: eating too fast and swallowing air along with foods, overeating, joy, anxiety, drinking carbonated beverages or alcohol, consuming dry or hot foods, eating fatty or spicy foods, strong laughing, fear etc.


In general, hiccups resolve themselves within several minutes. However, if they don’t stop after 48 hour, it might be time for you to go see the doctor. There are many ways which could help you stop hiccups. Maybe they seem silly to you, but trust us, they are very effective and it’s worth it to try them, you have nothing to lose. In the contrary, you might be surprised of their efficiency.

– Inhale and hold your breath as long as you can. Then, breathe deeply and slowly count to ten. Repeat this method 3 to 4 times.

– Eat a tablespoon of honey, or if you don’t have any, take a tablespoon of sugar.

– Drink a glass of cold water

– Sit down on the floor, a chair or a bed, put your knees in front of you. Then hug them tightly.

– Bite down a piece of lemon

– Pull your tongue out and carefully place your index fingers in your ears. Hold it for 30 seconds.

– Gargle with cold water

– Drink pure lemon juice or take a sip of vinegar.